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We have a graphic studio in the heart of Pilsen, where we meet an endless passion for design. We are a small but strong collective, where each team member brings a unique perspective and creative energy.

"I am the founder of a graphic studio where a collective of creative individuals gathers. I approach work with care and sensitivity to details, which is the basis of my professional approach."
Adéla Radová | CEO & Graphic designer
"Not long ago, I found a great beauty in the graphic arts field, where I can realize myself as an artist without limits. I may come all the way from Ostrava, but the high standards of modern taste and detail that Radova Design Studio presents were worth moving to the other side of the country to Pilsen to continue our shared vision of timeless design."
Anežka Krejčí | Graphic designer

Frequently asked questions by clients

What is a logomanual?

A logo manual is a document that defines and describes the basic elements of corporate identity and graphic design. The main element of the logomanual is the logo, which is the heart of the corporate identity. In addition to the logo, the logomanual may include other elements such as colours, typography, graphic elements, patterns and the use of the logo on different media.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

CMYK is ideal for printing because it corresponds to the printing process that uses four colours to create an image on paper. This model is capable of reproducing a wide range of colours, including dark and rich shades. RGB is best suited for digital displays such as monitors, televisions or projection equipment. This model can reproduce bright and saturated colors that have a wide color range.

Why is corporate identity important?

A unified corporate style means that all communication materials, from business cards to websites, will have the same visual appearance. This ensures uniformity and professionalism. It includes unique elements such as the logo, colors and also makes the company easily recognizable among competitors and helps build trust.

What do the "R" and "TM" symbols in the logo mean?

The symbol "R" indicates a registered trademark, while "TM" stands for "Trademark" when a company or business uses a logo, name or slogan but is not yet able to register it as a trademark.

The difference between online and offline graphics?

Online graphics refers to anything that is created or presented on the Internet. It includes websites, social media, mobile apps, online advertising and other digital assets. Offline graphics refers to printed materials and physical media such as printed materials, billboards, brochures, posters, etc. This type of graphics is used to communicate outside of the digital environment.

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